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    We are relentless


    The most successful companies achieve major breakthroughs with just a small percentage of people driving growth. These people are hard to find and even harder to recruit; they are high achievers; we only recruit these people. We never underestimate the challenge and importance to our clients that search assignments present, and consistently achieve great results through tenacity, integrity, thoroughness and a passion for our work.


    We are incredibly thorough, relentless, and pride ourselves on never taking shortcuts in the recruitment of the best executives. Our clients consider us partners, and they share our passion for results. We never underestimate the impact the people we recruit can have on a company, and we only work with those clients who share that vision. We have an exceptional track record of delivery and are dedicated to the pursuit of extraordinary talent. We don't confuse effort with the results.


    Industry Expertise

    We have been placing senior executives for 15 years and have significant experience of a number of markets including Saas, Digital, SemiConductors, Wireless, Cleantech, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals.


    We understand the unique challenges of building early and growth stage companies. We also work with larger firms helping them to drive change and innovate.

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    From Universities and Corporates

    Our goal is to work with the best, emerging technologies and help spin out the high growth firms of the future. At this early stage, our team has a unique opportunity to shape the future development of a company’s leadership capability, In addition, we are able to share a wealth of experience at critical stages as a company grows.

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    Accelerating growth

    We help to build and grow our start-up clients by locating and hiring the best management teams. Many of our clients are US firms looking at expanding into Europe and beyond. Asides from providing talent, we help guide them to the best locations to grow their businesses.

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    Corporates looking to Innovate

    How do we do change?

    Many corporates have a desperate need and desire to transform and change how they do business. They may want to develop a new high growth line of business or support these teams with strategic thinking and access to transformative resources to enable market expansion.

  • SECTorS

    We work across a number of fields and have built a great track record of delivery over the last 15 years

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    Saas, Digital and Wireless

    Our goal is to work with the best, emerging technologies in their field and we've helped many leading technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Infor & Citrix Systems, build and grow their operations in EMEA. Over the years, high growth clients have included Blue Lithium and RadiumOne (Digital Advertising), Telensa, The Cloud and Miyowa (Wireless).

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    Renewables and Alternative power

    We usually work with smaller, disruptive players in the Cleantech sector such as NanoH2o and Cella Energy, helping to build their management teams and help them scale internationally. Over the years, we have also sourced industry experts to provide technical and market due diligence for investors.

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    Medtech & Life Sciences

    Drug Discovery and Medical Devices

    Having originally provided consultancy and due diligence to the pharmaceutical sector, we have built a track record of recruiting success with both Therapeutics and Medical device companies. Our clients in this field are typically early stage.

  • CFO & Interim FInance professionals

    A vital strategic asset for your company

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    Long term strategic input

    Our clients are increasingly looking for strategic finance professionals who can work closely with their CEOs on business strategy and competitiveness as well as capital management, investor relations, analysis, planning and regulatory compliance. These are the candidates that we focus on.

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    Interim FD/CFO

    High Impact

    A large number of our early stage clients don't have an immediate requirement for a full time Finance Director but they do need access to high quality finance professionals who can help structure their business correctly for future growth. We can help provide a suitable interim or part time resource.


    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our offices in London and Bristol and from science parks to corporate boardrooms, is committed to supporting our clients.

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    Andrew Clyne


    Andrew has more than twenty years experience in executive search and advisory services specialising in technology, cleantech, and related industries. Andrew has completed assignments across all functions including CEO, Chairman, and NED. Clients range from spinouts and entrepreneurial high-growth early stage businesses to Corporates looking to build new lines of business and innovate.
    He also works closely with a number of VCs and Family Offices helping them to grow their businesses by leveraging his extensive network.

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    David Manjra


    David is an experienced recruiter with a great track record of hiring management teams for technology businesses in Europe, the US and Asia - his clients have included software, mobile and media firms. In addition, David has also founded technology and media businesses of his own in Australia, where he lived for several years. He is now based in the UK, and predominantly helps early-stage companies expanding into Continental Europe and Asia. David's current focus is on wireless and digital businesses.

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    Michael Clyne


    Michael advises pharmaceutical and medical equipment firms. A graduate of Edinburgh Medical School, Michael initially joined the RAMC. After leaving the Army, he worked as a General Practitioner for a number of years. Michael then entered the pharmaceutical industry, initially as a Medical Director and subsequently CEO of Sankyo UK. Since leaving corporate life, Michael has spent the last fifteen years advising a broad range of therapeutic and medical device start-ups that are looking to expand into the European market.

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    Steve Bennington


    Steve is an experienced Managing Director and a respected professor of physics at University College London. Highly experienced in product development in both the public and private sectors, and an expert in recruiting and managing high performing teams. Steve has raised many millions of pounds from government grants, venture capital and high net-worth individuals for a number of start-ups.

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    Danny Bemelemans


    Danny is a seasoned executive with 20 years of experience building, growing and managing businesses from startups to corporates. He is a former Vodafone, Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom/DTAG executive. Danny has an MSc in business economics and advised, coached and mentored startups at DTAG and as a venture expert at the Brightlands Innovation Factory and Smart Services Campus in the Netherlands.


    Many of our clients require external finance top realise their ambitions



    Our capital raising service focuses on early-stage businesses seeking to raise sums from £500k+ (seed to series A). In addition, we help with later rounds for growth stage businesses (series B and upwards).

    Over the years our principals have built an extensive network of contacts both in Industry and the investment community and we can introduce you to companies that can provide finance for your company. We assist with both debt and equity funding; our capital raising service has access to a number of sources of finance:


    1) Family offices and High Net Worth Individuals – many of whom have made their wealth in the technology sector
    2) Strategic investors
    3) VCs, funds and other investment firms

    4) Sovereign Wealth Funds




    Our very first client, Ignios, was established in 2003 to develop and market products that enable the real-time on-chip system management of multicore SoC devices. We were asked by the founders to help raise an initial round and successfully raised a total of $3.8 million in the first round of private financing early in 2004. The funding round was jointly led by Alice Lab and BTG. Since then we've worked with a number of technology clients helping to raise both debt and equity.


    If you are a candidate looking to work with Clyne Partners, then drop us a line at andrew@clyne-partners.com

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